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Who I am

My name is Laura Ventura, I'm from Alcanar (Tarragona) and I consider myself first and foremost, passionate about travel.

In the year 2013 He was born rural Ventura, dedicated to renting catering accommodation in the delta of the Ebro, but my concern and my wanderlust, ECHO today to introduce Ventura Tours.

A travel agency online, which differs from most because it always small groups, with the intention of your holiday is personalized, without rhythms marked, Marçais pace so you and I take care of the rest. further, you always have Accompanying 24 h, either face when I accompany in most of my trips, sea on-line.

We do not travel to escape life … we travel so that life can not escape us!

I leave you my personal Facebook, para que podáis ponerme cara 😉

Types of breaks

Ventura Tours arranges getaways for Catalonia, rest of Spain and Europe.
We specialize in trips for women and cultural getaways, also family trips, where you can go it alone or in small groups. The small group, You have a direct contact and personal attention, where the connection is secure and complicity, very important in my philosophy when traveling, because I value the direct and close relationship and I intend to make trips very comfortable and flexible.

Travel for Women

For those women who have wanderlust, but sometimes we who do not always want to travel alone or in large groups.

Small groups maximum 8/10 women, where I go with you so that you may have to worry just enjoy. Before the trip we will meet to know, since many women are targeted individually without knowing the rest, will be a way to break the ice and because no, start a new friendship. At the meeting, we will make a group of Whatsapp to be always connected, We discuss the travel program and all able to contribute your bit,  because my intention is that rather than an organized group, we are a group of friends wanting to have a good time!

* Asistencia on-line (if any getaway, I will not go with, you'll have me available 24 hours by phone or whatsapp).


Family Getaways

If you will not go in groups, no problem!
I will organize the trip to the letter:

· Transport: It may be with your car or other means such as aircraft or AVE, (It depends on the destination)
· accommodation: Hotel or cottage (I'm a big fan of rural getaways and this type of accommodation with lots of charm)
· You will have a dossier with all places to visit, a schedule recommended by me, routes, itineraries, schedules / Tickets places to visit in your case, addresses of places, etc ..

It may be accompanied if a group (I come with you) or On-line Help 24 h, me ye have phone or whatsapp whenever need me.

cultural trips

Trips are designed to enjoy all kinds of shows (musicals, Opera, concerts, theater …) and fantastic cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Sevilla, Zaragoza …
It will always including transport (Private bus 25 persons or Ave) and tickets to the show category medium / high, because we value the comfort and quality of our outputs.

Cultural escapades will be organized, always in small groups maximum 25 people or we can do a la carte, You ask and I organize. And remember … always at your leisure!


Check the next scheduled breaks