Women's travel agency – Ventura Tours


My name is Laura Ventura, I live in Alcanar (Tarragona), and I am responsible for Ventura Tours. A travel agency that was born out of that passion that I have always had for travel. The day I started this project I told myself:

"I do not want a travel agency to use, with packages that are always the same,
large groups and often uncomfortable”.

That's why I decided that the groups would always be small, of maximum 12 people, to be more personalized and flexible, more of you to you. I also thought that I wanted to decide the itinerary, fleeing from those marked routes that leave you in a place and tell you "In 1 time we start” without letting you enjoy many times the essence of the place, of its gastronomy, etc.

And finally I told myself:

"And why not for those women who sometimes do not find the right company and
they stay at home, when they want to see the world so much?”

I knew from personal experience that there are many women in that situation., men are wonderful, but perhaps they do not have as many concerns in this aspect and we do. From here, my idea of ​​opening the only travel agency for women in Les Terres de l’Ebre.

The women who sign up for my trips, sometimes they come with a friend and most of them come alone, but they quickly make friends and stuff, trip to party, it is wonderful! They are usually from all over Catalonia and we almost always leave from Barcelona.

I also organize trips for mixed groups of friends, family… you just have to ask me.

How does the travel agency for women?

I post the trip on the web and in social networks. If you are interested, You can contact me by Whatsapp at 655 760 996 or fill out the form on the web.

I have a mailing list, if you join her, when I take a new trip I inform you by Whatsapp. A) Yes, you do not have to be aware of social networks or the web and you have preference to make your reservation. You can send me a Whatsapp and I'll include you.

When you sign up for the trip, I add you to the list of interested. Nothing is paid until I have the minimum number of people signed up, which is usually from 7 plus the companion of the agency that is usually me or Angeles (my right hand in this project).

Once I have the minimum number of travelers signed up, the trip is already confirmed I create a WhatsApp group where I add you all and we start to know each other, to solve your doubts or finish deciding some points, I always like to give you a voice.

from that moment, I already ask you for the payment of the 50% by transfer or Bizum. In addition to all the necessary documentation (ID card or passport). This is how I buy plane tickets or AVE, because you already know that they are going up in price.

I also contract your travel insurance, that it has plus cancellation coverage and if from that moment on something justified happens to you that makes you cancel the trip, the insurance takes care of the amount paid on account, as flights are non-refundable.

*Below you will find a section with information on flight management.

A few days before the trip, I organize a meeting. can be a meal, a coffee or any other excuse to meet in person and discuss the last points of the trip. If you can't come, nothing happens, I'll tell you how it went.

The day of the trip we all meet in Barcelona or if you are from Les Terres de l’Ebre, we all left together from here.


There you will find a detailed trip itinerary., dates, schedules, what the trip includes and what it does not include and the contractual conditions in case of cancellation.


They are not included in the price of the trip but I manage them. Below the price of the trip, I always indicate the amount they have at the time of publication. when buying them, I will inform you before if there are price changes.


They are always very well located hotels where you can walk to places of interest, for the comfort of all.


We always take a private vehicle from the airport to the hotel and vice versa and depending on the trip, if there are transfers, It is also in a private vehicle 9 O 16 places.


They are always private to the group, we never go with more people and so we can go at our own pace, since the guide is for and for us.