Tortosa- City rebirth

Tortosa- City rebirth

Tortosa, Renaissance city in the heart of Les Terres de l'Ebre.
Discover its history and its cultural heritage! ❤️

A good way to start discovering Tortosa stroll through the old town: by the colorful and charming street de la Rosa, in order to reach the Plaza de la Cinta, bordering the intimatethe portal Romeu. We can then make a visit to theCathedral of Santa Maria (access is in the Porta de Palau), which also has a permanent exhibition, a museum to understand the historical importance has had Tortosa.

The set ofroyal Colleges Tortosa becomes a must stop for those visiting the city, since become a real monumental jewel that remains alienates the passage of time. hisRenaissance cloister is a small wonder only in Catalonia. In the whole of the Royal Colleges also found theInterpretation Center of the Renaissance, in the church of Santo Domingo, with the imposingcloset-file from the city, also the century XVI.

To geta magnificent view from the city, of the massif of Els Ports and the whole country together, a good suggestion is to visit the castle of the Zuda, where the privileged space gives a panoramic formidable environment. Castle (a part of which today is the Parador de Turismo) It was declared a cultural asset of national interest and is a powerful architectural testimony of the city andalusina. Has theonly Arab cemetery discovered in Catalonia.

Spend the afternoon along the riverside promenade from the Ebro, or evennavegándolo With LuteI Sirgador, It is a highly recommended option for the visitor who begins to discover Tortosa first. the oldRailroad Bridge, red-colored, it becomes an ideal way to enjoy a walk or bike ride and observe the sights of the city with the river on your skirt. You can also stroll through the city park, on the side of the river, which it is another example of modernism in the city.

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