Sant Carles de la Rapita

Tourist accommodation in Sant Carles de la Rapita delta Ebro. Houses in rural setting for holiday rental and getaway weekend.

Sant Carles de la Rapita It is a Mediterranean city, sheltered by the Bay of Alfacs, It is one of the nerve centers of the Costa del Ebro, full of curiosities and sum of opposing factors.

Great Bay serves to practice all kinds of water sports, in the midst of a calm and grateful waters communicated with the Mediterranean, which our sailors fished fish and seafood worthy of fame enjoyed by.

The sea and the Delta gastronomy is born, rich in marine flavors and country, with the variety that can jump from the savory meat and wild duck to delicious grúmol, delicate and exquisite frog to always tasty mussel, fine eel, the sole appreciated, without forgetting our terrific shrimp. Shows the slow and meticulous work of our great river, we are the chameleonic Delta del Ebro, father of the most important Natural Park in Catalonia, where fauna i flora exalted blend in perfect harmony with the strength of wildlife moving in her womb and is indifferent to the stares of the curious visitor.

Montsiá mountains, riddled with itineraries that allow you to visit sources, caves, paintings, natural landscapes of great beauty.