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Hello Timo, tnx for your comment. As for your idea, I think it's fun, but,The timer is not intended for the use you describe,. This is mainly public events, speaches, pitch, The timing is intended to business meetings. Timer you're looking for is all ready, simply “pomodoro timer PC”or “Interval Timer”And with a Google search for something like this and you can find them. They all have all ready made 😉 Best anbuyi timer standards that we are now used in all of our meetings and conferences. Clean, clean and simple,. We have a lot of enthusiasm for the presenter timer!! I have a Mac Book Pro, retina, It is one year old. Download – Good works. However, it is not reset by deleting. All other works.

suggestion? Hello thank you. I do not see a problem here, if you understand correctly. In a monitor running a full-screen timer and other (Extended desktop) You can monitor your presentation in. It's as if our, In many TEDx presentation is all done so that preparation. Best Hi Mike, It only works in duplicate screens. But we will have a separate screen where you can control all in there working on a new timer. The following should be released in a few months. The best timer 3 minute, 5 Minutes and it can be set to a different time, such as after the last time 10 Can I go back to minutes instead of hours set? Hi, You expand (PRO) Version or nano-timers need, There you 1 Less than a minute, you can set time.

Hello I am from the central computer about 800 Which can push the employee desktop background type Find a countdown timer tried ti. The timer should be displayed on the desktop background and user files, Folders and other actions will not affect. Sometimes annoying pop-ups, etc., so were trying to find the desktop background based timer. Hey, Many thanks for your comments. Timer glad for you. 1. Set the time. Just click on the numbers with the mouse. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Press SPACE to begin.

For example, you can set the timer every 15 minutes or necessary. 2. Timer is running. Was the countdown starts and continues until it reaches the hours. You can temporarily stop the timer by clicking the SPACE. To reset the timer DEL. *Reference : Some Mac does not have a DEL key. If you use the Fn + Backspace. You need to calculate the time when this application is a user fuss timer. Time through a streamlined interface, The minutes and seconds can be easily set. It also tells you when it is time to activate the scale and audible alarm.

It's really easy to add or remove time thanks to the up and down arrows.