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I was only able to be involved in 1988, I 1980 Or not sure how you'll feel about 1974, I did so only because there was a thing to know pop references of the times. I think it is for a much older audience. I hope they stop. Or you can just go nuts and have an entirely different period of time that can't be related to any audience like response 1497. But when the signal actually premieres next week,, I don't think that will happen. (Unless you do this: answer 1988 Broadcast every Friday to 7:50 every hour. The signal is broadcast at 8:30. 30I hope there is a special episode in minutes.) I've seen you go around all the latest responses 1988 Summary You seem to be the most aggressive of many. These people who answered you in front of me are right.

For a character who writes so beautifully, We're at the last EP 5 I can't mourn the cast? No one is putting anyone down here. If the character is not treated properly, As viewers, we have all the rights to express our complaints. It is like music. In a form of art, Every single drama, movie, Novels, etc. are expected to face criticism if the audience is not satisfied. Criticism does not constitute hate. You should get your anger out to the right person. A person who unfairly puts down another character/actor. This passively active attitude annoys hell from me. This is not a place to express anger about something related to serious illness, but a place for discussion.. To solve the problem and then tell people to stop. They are more likely to listen to people who are quiet and rational than those who are aggressive and humble..

answer 1988 Not a typical kdrama. Those who have seen the series somehow know this. Time may have been a bit simpler and less technical,, 1980It was still difficult to go through a typical day of life in the late 1980s.. Five childhood friends in Seoul's Sangmun-dong neighborhood rely on each other to survive challenging teenage years and walk the path toward the future. Seongdeok Seon(Hyeri)Struggles to attract attention from poor families to middle-aged children, ranking 989th in school.. Junghwan Kim(Ryu Junyeol)Has a one-track mindset for football even after the family gets rich overnight..