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Regardless of whether the fence sits correctly on the border, It is still co-owned by you and your neighbors. Even if you want to pay the full cost you must get consent from the owner of some neighboring land : Once your neighbor knows the problem with his tree (Or should recognize it), They are responsible for fixing the problem so it is not conti nue or worse. They pay the cost of pruning back to the border or, Repairs can be made to fix damage caused by fallen branches or tree roots. Neighbors don't need to give reasons to challenge or offer other options in cross notice. If the matter goes to court, they must give a good reason why they object. – Otherwise, the court may order you to proceed.. If you are in dispute with a neighbor about the boundary location, you can participate in an authorized surveyor service to physically mark the boundary.. When the court decides : Property boundaries define the degree of legal ownership of parcels of land and their location can be determined by licensed surveyors. Existing brush fences can be repaired but cannot be replaced with other brush fences unless the building's fire resistance measures are adequate.. Fences are considered equally shared, but neighbors repair the fence, There is no legal obligation to contribute to the maintenance or building costs: This information will help you deal with common fencing and boundaries.. Issues including how to find the owner of a neighboring real estate. Note: Anyone who moves or removes the survey mark once the boundary is marked may face fines and legal action. The fence may not necessarily represent the boundary line. Regardless of the location of the fence, It does not change the legal rights to the actual boundary location or ownership of the land.

Fences built between adjacent properties must be located at property boundaries. Many existing fences are not exactly located at the border. This does not change the position of the border or legal rights to land ownership even if you and your neighbor agree to the fence location. Aggression is an invasion of structures, including structures that protrude on someone else's land. building, access, May include, but is not limited to, cutting boards and balconies. You must hire a licensed surveyor to alert you to any intrusions into your property.. Only licensed surveyors can mark the boundary location. If your neighbor refuses to investigate, you can file a complaint with the Land and Assessment Court, which may have a legal order to conduct the investigation.. Check with the local council for any fences that require development approval or any other legal requirements that must be met before starting work.. Limitations apply: Often the first thing to do is talk to your neighbor about the problem..

They don’t know what’s going on on the side of the fence. They take care of themselves, Or you may be happy to deal with the situation. Disputes with neighbors surrounding fences and other border issues can cause long lasting sick feelings. Knowing your rights can help you avoid disputes. Care should be taken to avoid unnecessary damage to the tree.. If you plan to remove a large amount of branches or roots that can damage the tree, it is best to tell your neighbors first and try to clear the branches or roots..