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It was a great story! Natasha is a great story teller! I have a story 20 Like a host of people, I like to change the story a little.! Good story! Story Nori! Hi N * The story of seducing the peas by the princess and the golden goose and thanks for the comments. In this story of Hans Christian Anderson, we find that a little girl is a real princess when she can detect the green peas under the 20 sleeping mattresses.. Thanks for listening to this charming story. The princess in this story can really do in great story compared to Princess Beatrice in the Verti Frog series. Children continue to enjoy it 🙂 If I tell other children at school that I like it, I will probably call me a baby 11 Just three years old… But I think if any normal child reads this, what they can say is wrong. Maybe that lame? But if I ask them that way, they can say that they are that feminine baby,, how? (So, extremely cute!) Your opinion here … I like this story very much. There are some very amazing things.

[…] Princess and peas | Free Audio Story Fairy Tale Princess and Pea Hans This little gem of the story by Christian Andersen revealed the ultimate test to find out whether or not … […] Princess and pea lesson plans | My fresh plan — January 31, 2011 This story was very interesting until I read it many times. If there are more princesses in this story, this story will be more interesting. I also love this story because I am also a pretty princess. I love this story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! […] Story Nori (through lifehacker) »Bookmark for future reference! […] I love stories! This is the first time I have ever heard of princesses and peas. But now 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 I want to read more! Remembering princesses and peas is pure joy, The peas' true story and hope at the Royal Museum is not stolen, The truth shaping Verti. Thank you. It's good to know that Story Nori was fun when traveling.. You can also try fairy tale golden goose. Another short and interesting fairy tale fairy tale blog (Princess and peas) | Angela Macamure — June 18, 2012 Thank you for your comments. The princess and the pea are clever stories.

Young maiden is tested to see if she is a real princess. Little peas are placed under many mats` she needs to sleep. Hans Christian Anderson is a famous writer who sadly passed away. He wrote in the Victorian era, and many storytellers talked about his story in a variety of ways, making a slightly different sound than the original.. Thanks for listening to the princess and the peas. It’s a wonderful story that everyone knows about the princess and wants to read again., Peas was a good book for students and teachers. This book is about the princess did not like peas at all. In life. […] Gravel fragments can obviously be painful. Or maybe my feet suffer from what I want to call the princess and the peas […] StoryNory is for good readers, please ask people who post comments about what are their favorite songs. We are glad you like the story.

There are many more similar stories about` You can try including Golden Goose and Rapunzel. It is always advisable that you use headphones in a way that no one can disturb you and you can no doubt listen carefully to the words of the next story! Story Nori is fantastic.